A Memorable Evening

Good morning from Aberdeen, Scotland.  Pat and I are visiting my daughter, Kathy, and my granddaughters, Lindsay age 9 and Adrienne age 7.  Our son-in-law, Bill, is Director and Legal Manager of Chevron Upstream Europe.  Aberdeen is Europe’s offshore oil capital.  There is rich history in the architecture and in the countryside with its rolling hills and floral gardens.

It’s been a busy and amazing summer for us.  I traveled to Dublin for five days of training with Ireland’s National Team.  We competed in the European Lacrosse Championship in Amsterdam for two weeks against twenty-two countries.  Ireland won the silver medal — a first for Irish lacrosse.  Irish players are still wearing the medals as hometown heroes.

When I arrived home all eight grandchildren, ages 2-13, we’re visiting at our lake home.  What a joy!  Our dock looked like the Brooklyn Naval Yards — rafts, boats, floats, canoes, kayaks, and anything else that floats.

During my walks in Ithaca and Scotland never a day goes by when I don’t think about players, teams, people I’ve met at Cornell, my life as a coach, and my love for family, friends, and Cornell.

May 31 at the National Museum of the American Indian and at the University Club was a very special night for the Cornell lacrosse family.  Honoring Eamon brought back to all of us the love we have for each other.  Viewing his image and highlights on the screen made us all realize the bond we have as brothers and sisters of Cornell.

My award that night should be shared by everyone with whom I’ve ever come in contact.  Without you this award would have no meaning for me and my family.  Yes, I was speechless.  My new car is providing safety and comfort.  I’m still adjusting to the technology.  I can’t wait to give you a ride when you visit Cornell.

A big thank you.

Sorry Pat and I cannot be with you for the Eamon McEneaney weekend.  We will make a toast to you when we are visiting Edinburgh on Saturday. Enjoy your weekend and thank you for your continued support of Cornell lacrosse.

It’s great to be here!!!

Richie and Pat


The event took place in Washington D.C. , following the 2012 Teewaraton awards dinner and celebration. Among the incredibly talented 2012 finalists and winners, our Cornell Lacrosse coach Richie Moran was the honored recipient of the Tewaaraton Coaching Legends Award, and the late and cherished Eamon McEneaney was honored with the Tewaaraton Player Legends award.

It was a special night!

In Cornell tradition, there was a post event celebration at the University Club.  In Richie’s honor-four decades of his Cornell lacrosse players and friends assembled there to share the moment with him.

Coach Moran was taken outside the club for a  photo opportunity-to capture this magical evening with his cherished players. He beamed red:-)

It was at that moment – his players began to share it was more than a photo that they had in mind, and their gift to him was about to be revealed.

What do you get a man like Coach Moran -to celebrate and honor him for the gratitude and life long inspiration and lessons he provided. Something to remind you of those gifts everyday?

His players began by presenting him with his first gift.  A total of 97 guys had their names engraved on an Alf Jacques lax stick, decorated with a red ribbon;-) the classic wood lacrosse stick showing the heritage of the sport- knowing how Richie would cherish that.

Jay Spiegel presented the stick to Coach…sharing its uniqueness and all the names of the players & friends who signed it.  Jay then introduced Bobby Cummings ’87 with the hint that Richie’s players & friends also wanted to give him something in which he could store the stick.  Bobby began telling Richie how much he impacted their lives.  Jon Levine 76 followed representing the generations sharing Richie stories and his lifetime gift he gave to his players. Then Stacey represented the wives and extended family to speak about his legacy.

It was then, that Jonathan told Richie that they wanted give him something else-something special!!

And with that—this sparkling Carnelian red 2013 Acura RDX SUV with all the bells & whistles pulled up onto the circular driveway in front of everyone! Emblazoned with the big red bear on the hood, and inscribed on the door a richieism: “Its great to be here” – Richie was speechless, beaming more red–could not accept it–but…. Pat did for him-LOL!

He approached his new sparkling ride!  He was then presented with a kelly green Irish bowler hat  to wear while driving,  and  a container of his favorite “Old Spice” to, as he put it, “keep away the mosquitos”!

The background to the story:

Let’s get Richie Moran, our Cornell lacrosse coach a new car! His endless tailgates and drives down to NYC and beyond, visiting and inspiring each of us and others across the country will be even sweeter for him! This was a gift to our coach, who changed our lives forever as he showed us that dreaming big is the path to success when you are surrounded by the people you love.

It captures the magical and well deserved moment of appreciation and gratitude–for a lifetime gift-for a legendary coach!

It was a once in a lifetime night to be part of and now yours too! A big thanks to Mark Paoletta, who videotaped the entire presentation and edited it for all of us to see.

Enjoy it, and share it. Hoping it inspires others to lead in this very same way, to make an indelible mark to generations of people by loving, caring challenging and inspiring!!

To the Big Red Lacrosse Program and its legacy of excellence and passion!

Special thanks to Mark Paoletta for the wonderful videography!

2 thoughts on “A Memorable Evening

  1. I am thrilled to learn about this wonderful night for Rich – he’s one in a billion – most enthusiastic man I’ve ever known – I’m so glad the love the Cornell community feels for him is still so strong – and I’m thrilled most of all by the expressions of the Big Red crowd saying how much Richie has meant to their lives. I don’t think anyone can receive a greater thank you than that.

  2. Richie, congratulations on what must have been a great night. You derserved the best and you have it with your “boys” and Pat. God Bless to my mentor and friend. I wish I could have been there. All the best, Fred

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